6.0L KEM SCT Tuner Files Price: $50.00

KEM Diesel 6.0L custom tunes for your SCT tuner. We can make a tune for all your needs. We have been tuning the 6.0L longer than any other company and know what works and what doesn't. Base power levels are Trans only (Stock engine power), Tow (about 50 additional RWHP), Performance (about 100 additional RWHP), and our Race (about 130 additional RWHP). All numbers are based on a stock engine truck. A list of all modifications to the truck will need to be emailed to us to properly make the custom files. Add our FICM tuner to gain an additional 45 RWHP over the power levels above!

FICM Tuner

Note: These files are for off road / race use only not legal for use on public highways. A signed disclaimer will need to be emailed or faxed back to us before the tunes are sent.