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KEM DIesel 2017 6.7L Tuners now available!

KEM Diesel is proud to announce our Thunderbolt tuners for the 2017 Ford Super Dutys with the 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel! The Thundebolt Gauge comes with KEM Diesel tuning in the following green DPF ON power levels:

Stock Power
Heavy Tow    25RWHP Gain
Tow    50RWHP Gain
Light Tow    75RWHP Gain
Performance    100RWHP Gain
Perf Plus    125RWHP Gain
Race    150RWHP Gain
Extreme Race (Coming Soon)    200RWHP Gain

All power levels include matching transmission tuning and remove the speed limiters. The TBolt gauge also comes with the option to change the transmission tuning for one more to your liking. You just tune the truck with the power level you want and then flash in the transmission only firmness level you like (4 to choose from).

Additional features of the TBolt gauge:

*User configurable digital gauges
*Display up to 6 PIDs at a time on the color touch screen
*Pick from many OBD2 signals
*Record log files to the SD card
*Read and clear DTCs

Competition deleted tuning ia available after providing the proper paperwork found HERE

Only $999 with DPF on green tuning, $1199 with Competition tuning!

KEM DIesel 6.0L FICM Tuners now available!

KEM Diesel is excited to announce our new custom tuned FICM module tuner! This is not a reflash to an earlier file like our competitors do, but a true custom tune to your requirements (including tuning for larger injectors and higher revving applications). See the dyno sheet of our tuning on a stock injector 6.0L truck. These tuners allow you to tune the FICM in the truck using the OBD2 port - no need to send us the FICM anymore. It is a one time use tuner and will not tune multiple vehicles or FICMs.

Only $369 with free shipping!


2016 Ford SuperDuty 6.7L tuners and tuning now available on SCT X4 and Livewire TS products!


We have been tuning the 6.7L longer than any other company and know what works and what doesn't. The tuner comes with 3 power levels: Tow, Performance,, and our RACE DPF ON All-Out file. Please Note: These are on highway use files only! It will require that all of the emissions equipment parts are installed and operational on the truck. Attempting to use this on a deleted truck will cause issues! We recommend that your truck have the latest Ford flash for best tuning operation and the most power.
After ordering, you will need to send an email with the VIN, engine and transmission strategies, and all mods done to the truck.
For more information or to order, click on the product picture below.

LWTS 5015X4 7015



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