6.0L KEM FICM Tuner Price: $369.00

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KEM Custom FICM Tuner for your 6.0L Powerstroke.

KEM Diesel is excited to announce our new custom tuned FICM module tuner! This is not a reflash to an earlier file like our competitors do, but a true custom tune to your requirements (including tuning for larger injectors or higher revving applications). See the dyno sheet of our tuning on a stock injector 6.0L truck. These tuners allow you to tune the FICM in the truck using the OBD2 port - no need to send us the FICM anymore. It is a one time use tuner and will not tune multiple vehicles or FICMs.


We will need the following information from you to make the FICM file: VIN of truck, size of injectors in percent flow over stock (only for aftermarket injectors), and what rev limit you want (standard is 5000RPM).