6.4L KEM Competition 275 File Price: $150.00

KEM DIESEL custom tuned 275HP race file, ONLY for your SCT Livewire (9600 Series OR) or XCal 3015R - NO OTHER SCT TUNERS ARE SUPPORTED! We can make a tune for all your needs. We have been tuning the 6.4L longer than any other company and know what works and what doesn't. A list of all modifications will need to be emailed to us to properly make the file. You MUST verify that you have a SCT made race tuner. Attempting to use this tune on a non race tuner will not function properly and there are NO REFUNDS! By adding this tuning file to your cart, you confirm that you have read and understand the description and details of this product and will use them in accordance to local and federal laws.

Note: These files are for COMPETITION use only not legal for use on public highways. A signed disclaimer found here will need to be emailed or faxed back to us before the tunes are sent. We reserve the right to refuse any order!